Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trampe - Smith Wedding May 16th, 2009

Jill, the bride, was inspired by Preston Bailey's "Sea Mist" collection. I was a little daunted at first because Preston Bailey's work is impeccable, but I was up to the challenge non-the-less!

Since the "theme" of the wedding was all white with hints of turquoise, I ordered all white florals for the centerpieces and bouquets, which included Vendela cream roses, Polar Star white roses, Viviane white spray roses, White Hydrangea, freesia, Asiatic Lily's, French Tulips, Tuberose and White Cymbidium orchids.

At first I was going to do the bouquet in all white roses with crystal embellishments, but once I smelled the freesia I knew I had to incorporate it. I had also done some shopping at our local farmers market and happened upon some gorgeous Gardenia's, which I knew I couldn't pass up and they were perfect for Jill's bouquet!

For the Boutonnieres, I decided to embellish them with hints of bear grass and a silver wire wrap to match the theme.

Photos by Eye Expression Photography

It is inevitable that something at some point during a wedding will go wrong. It's not always something that is noticeable, but it is always to be expected. For me, my dilemma was trying to make sure my cylinders supporting the rose arrangements would stay put on the tables.I had not anticipated the unevenness of the grass which made the tables a little off balance and my arrangements a little wobbly. I was just imagining, to my horror, one of my cylinders full of water and topped with dozens of roses falling over on a guest in the middle of a toast. Not a good image in my head moments before the guests were to arrive! What was I to do? There are always little fires we are called upon to extinguish as coordinators/designers and this one almost had me stumped...what would Preston Bailey have thought of me then? To my surprise, my source of "water" came from Jill's wedding planner who had two tall cylinders with a wider bottom base, which I was able to use in lieu of mine. What a relief! There is always a solution and this one came just in time!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trampe - Smith Wedding May 16th

What a lovely white wedding! More photos to come!!!

Photos by Mimi Gubser

Viengkham - Kobryzycki Wedding May 15th

This wedding was such a fun event to design! Jamie, the bride, was very sweet and easy to work with. She wanted something simple, colorful and budget friendly which was accomplished by using black river rocks scattered down the tables, mixed with varying sized cylinders with white dendrobium orchids, and suspended pink cymbidium orchids.  The bride and bridesmaids bouquets included fuchsia and orange mokara orchids, pink torch ginger and burgundy mini cymbidium orchids.

Photos by Mimi Gubser