Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lin - Wong Wedding December 22, 2009

It seems as though I have been doing a lot of "purple" inspired weddings lately...must be in season! I am addicted to the "Picasso" Calla Lily for weddings with this color scheme because it's such a lovely flower! Cream with a deep purple center, and so unique! However; when I am doing a wedding with purple, I love to mix it up! For this wedding I had a bunch of different purple tones, and even used a blue toned Anemone as well as a purple and green Kale. I also used a lot of Orchids to keep the tropical aspect, Roses and Ti leaf. For the aisle Pomander balls, we decided to "recycle" them and use them at the reception site, so I placed them on top of tall cylinders with submerged Dendrobium orchids of Chark Kuan Blue.

It was a beautiful garden wedding and the weather was amazing! I am hoping to post the professional photos soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Photos by Tooby Hoogs

Monday, November 2, 2009

Manmoto - Akatsuka Wedding October 3rd, 2009

Photos by http://www.ruthannephotography.com/

For this wedding I tried to use as much of the Purple Volcano Catalaya Orchid. This Orchid was provided to me by the Groom and his family as they have a farm here on the Big Island where they grow these flowers. I was thrilled to use them because they are so stunning!
More photos to come!

Allison Ito Wedding October 3rd, 2009

Photos by http://www.ruthannephotography.com/

This wedding was so much fun mainly because Allison was such a lovely bride to work with! She was so sweet and easy going, and basically let me do my thing! You are amazing Allison and congratulations!
Allison wanted all yellow flowers with hints of brown, so I used some tropicals, Yellow Cymbidium Orchids, and also the Yellow Oncidium "Popcorn" Orchids. I also added the Yellow Calla Lilies and curled the Yellow Cymbidiums around a copper colored wire to add more of a modern feel. The vases were then wrapped with chocolate brown ribbon.
For the ceremony site, I created yellow pomander balls with Yellow Button Mums and tied them with a cream ribbon. I then lightly sprinkled the aisle with petals; I didn't want to overdue it because the view was so incredible!

For Allison's bouquet I used White Freesia, Cream Garden roses, Gardenia and hints of Tuberose.

Tonner - Meade Wedding October 2nd, 2009

Photos by http://www.brookelynphotography.com/

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tonner - Meade Wedding October 2nd, 2009

Photos http://www.kathyfitts.com/

"Sunset" themed wedding with large Burgundy Dahlia's, orchids, bird of paradise, calla Lillie's and Asiatic Lillie's...lovely!
More photos to come!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Noura - Paterson Wedding 9/5/09

The professional photos have arrived!

Photos by Eye Expression Photography