Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fosberg - Roberts Wedding May 8th, 2010

For this wedding, the bride wanted to match as closely as possible the flowers to her "Gauva" colored bridesmaids dresses. I have to say, it's never easy getting an exact match when you are doing a destination wedding unless the bride actually sends a swatch of the color she is looking for, and for this wedding I did not have a swatch. For me I got a bit stressed out wondering if my interpretation of Guava was veering more towards the Coral color, but I couldn't help but love how all the Roses, Anthuriums and even the ribbon I selected matched each other so well! For the roses I selected Big Fun and I have to say, they were stunning! Such a beautiful color and this rose opens up so big which is a really nice feature in a bouquet. For accents I added the Mojolika spray roses, which is my favorite,as well as soft baby pink spray roses, calla lilies and orchids.

After freaking out a little wondering whether I selected the right shade of Guava, I happened to see the flower girl walk by in her dress and the color matched perfectly! I could not have been more elated! The wedding was lovely and the flowers were a hit...ahhhhhh yay!

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