Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lin - Wong Wedding December 22, 2009

It seems as though I have been doing a lot of "purple" inspired weddings lately...must be in season! I am addicted to the "Picasso" Calla Lily for weddings with this color scheme because it's such a lovely flower! Cream with a deep purple center, and so unique! However; when I am doing a wedding with purple, I love to mix it up! For this wedding I had a bunch of different purple tones, and even used a blue toned Anemone as well as a purple and green Kale. I also used a lot of Orchids to keep the tropical aspect, Roses and Ti leaf. For the aisle Pomander balls, we decided to "recycle" them and use them at the reception site, so I placed them on top of tall cylinders with submerged Dendrobium orchids of Chark Kuan Blue.

It was a beautiful garden wedding and the weather was amazing! I am hoping to post the professional photos soon!

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